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The Städel Museum shows important artworks testifying to seven hundred years of European art history under a single roof. Outstanding paintings dating from Middle Ages to the present are enhanced by choice sculptures, drawings, prints and photographs. They invite visitors on a journey in time through the history of art and bring the everyday culture, society and history of the different eras back to life.

Department of Prints and Drawings

Titian (actually Tiziano Vecellio), Study for St. Sebastian on the high altar of SS. Nazaro e Celso, Brescia, ca. 1520

Tiziano Vecellio called Titian

Study for St. Sebastian

Old Master Painting

Lucas van Valckenborch, View of Antwerp with Frozen Schelde, 1590

Lucas van Valckenborch

View of Antwerp

Old Master Painting

Jean-Antoine Watteau, Embarking for Cythera, ca. 1710

Jean-Antoine Watteau

The Embarkation for Cythera
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