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The Städel Museum shows important artworks testifying to seven hundred years of European art history under a single roof. Outstanding paintings dating from Middle Ages to the present are enhanced by choice sculptures, drawings, prints and photographs. They invite visitors on a journey in time through the history of art and bring the everyday culture, society and history of the different eras back to life.

Old Master Painting

Mathis Gothart Nithart, called Grünewald, St. Lawrence, St. Cyriacus, ca. 1600


St. Lawrence, St. Cyriacus

Modern Art

Edouard Manet, A Game of Croquet, 1873

Edouard Manet

The Croquet Party

Old Master Painting

Andrea Mantegna, St. Mark the Evangelist, ca. 1450, Foto: Artothek

Andrea Mantegna

St. Mark the Evangelist

Modern Art

Franz Marc, Dog Lying in the Snow, ca. 1911

Franz Marc

Dog Lying in the Snow (Detail)

Old Master Painting

Upper Rhenish Master, Little Garden of Paradise, 1500

Upper Rhenish Master

Little Garden of Paradise

Modern Art

Henri Matisse, Flowers and China (Fleurs et céramique), ca. 1911–13, © Succession H. Matisse / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2013

Henri Matisse

Fleurs et céramique

Modern Art

Claude Monet, The Luncheon (Le Déjeuner), 1868

Claude Monet


Modern Art

Claude Monet, Winter Landscape with Evening Sky, 1870s

Claude Monet

Winter Landscape (Detail)

Modern Art

Edvard Munch, Jealousy, 1913, © The Munch Museum / The Munch Ellingsen Group / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2013

Edvard Munch


Modern Art

Emil Nolde, Lake Lucerne, ca. 1930, © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll

Emil Nolde

Lake Lucerne
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