The Blinding of St. Victor

ca. 1300-1378

Mixed technique on poplar with canvas backing
Inv. No. 2135

40 × 39 cm

zur  Biographie

This small, exquisitely painted panel formerly belonged to the predella of an altarpiece that adorned the central altars of the Siena Cathedral together with Duccio’s Maestà and three altarpieces by Simone Martini and Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti. The main painting showed the Nativity and the Virgin Mary, the city’s principal patron saint. By contrast, the predella scene shows St. Victor, another – less important - saint of the city. With this altarpiece, which is of the highest artistic and technical distinction, Bartolomeo Bulgarini realized one of the most prestigious commissions the city of Siena had to offer in the mid fourteenth century in the context of decorating its cathedral.

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