Triptych with Madonna and Child and the Donors with Saints Recommending Them

ca. 1480

Mixed technique on oakwood
Inv. No. 802

30.1 × 23.4 cm

zur  Biographie

Toward the end of the 1480s, Willem van Overbeke and his wife, Johanna de Keysere, commissioned an unknown artist to expand their painting of the Madonna by Hugo van der Goes, executed about a decade earlier, into a small folding altarpiece. This explains the double frame construction of the central panel, which is otherwise quite unusual. The multiple repetition of the words “En esperance” (“In hope”) on the frame may refer to a vow made by the clients. The painting’s refined execution and its subtle characterization of the Madonna and Child show Hugo van der Goes’s superiority over his successor.

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Mad1735 said:
The Zoom function is desappointing. Picture resolution is not adequate but overall I like the this painting which shows a quiet picture.
entered on: 08/16/09 11:44
Francis said:
Searching for a high resolution picture
entered on: 04/20/09 16:21
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