Bonvicino, gen. Moretto da Brescia, Alessandro, Thronende Madonna mit Kind und den vier lateinischen Kirchenvätern

Moretto da Brescia

Madonna and Child enthroned


Rosso Fiorentino, Madonna and Child with the Infant St. John, ca. 1515

Rosso Fiorentino

Madonna and Child


Giovanni Bellini and Workshop, Madonna and Child with Sts. John the Baptist and Elizabeth

Bellini and Workshop

Madonna and Child

Old Master Painting

Pontormo (Jacopo Carucci), Portrait of a Lady, ca. 1600

Jacopo Carucci called Pontormo

Portrait of a Lady


Bartolomeo Veneto, Idealized Portrait of a Lady, ca. 1520/25

Bartolomeo Veneto

Idealized Portrait
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