Adoration of the Magi


Mixed technique on limewood
Inv. No. SG 452

108.9 × 77.3 cm

zur  Biographie

A native of Regensburg, Altdorfer is the most prominent representative of the so-called Danube School, of which this late work of his is typical. The figures and the pictorial space merge in a festive scene. The Virgin’s mantle and scarf cascade in abundant loops and bows; the magi are extravagantly decked out in brocade and embroidered cloths. The architectural ruins, clad in a gown of ivy, are full of detail and complexly interlocked. Even the sky is prettified with ornamental cloud formations. Perspectival escapades such as the Star of Bethlehem seen from below or the boards above the black king further enhance the decorative effect.
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