Double Portrait of Justinian and Anna von Holzhausen, nee Fürstenberg


Mixed technique on limewood
Inv. No. 1729

68.6 × 98.5 cm

zur  Biographie

Conrad Faber was the house painter of the Frankfurt patriciate in the first half of the sixteenth century. Among his many portraits of members of the leading families, this pair – which the humanist Justinian von Holzhausen had painted of himself and his wife – is especially prominent. A feature seldom seen in painting north of the Alps is the winged Cupid who creates a connection between the two subjects with his arrow and a bunch of grapes. His presence evokes sensual love as the basis of marriage – an astonishingly outspoken reference to sexuality. The couple’s children, however, who had already been born by the time the work was executed, were not yet of portrayable age.

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