Christ Appears in Front of Mary Magdalene (Noli me tangere)


Oil on canvas, cut out and lined
Inv. No. 1479

84.9 × 141.1 cm

zur  Biographie

Active exclusively in Rome, Claude Gellée, known as Lorrain (1600–82), evaded the influence of the Academy almost entirely. His central theme was landscape. In the painting Christ Appears in Front of Mary Magdalene of 1681, the setting is enhanced by the protagonists of the Biblical story, but the attention is nevertheless focused unmistakably on the Italian scenery. Lorrain studied the colouration and lighting conditions of the southern skies and discovered means of plastic modelling with light. He reputedly claimed that his only teacher was the sun, a statement quite evidently also confirmed by this landscape painting executed in the last year of his life.

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