Lady with Wine Glass


Oil on canvas
Inv. No. 1015

37.5 × 28.7 cm

zur  Biographie

As enigmatic as they are elegant, ter Borch’s compositions were novel in Dutch genre painting. A young woman sits at a table before a closed canopy; she has pushed the carpet table-cover to one side to make room for her writing utensils and a letter. She drinks a glass of wine as though in response – of joy or sorrow? – to a letter she has written or one she has received and must now answer. The painter leaves the question unanswered and concentrates on the glowing fabrics of the bodice and the chair as well as the sparkling reflections on the pitcher and writing tools. Embedded in warm shades of grey, the tonal values develop a life of their own – further testimony to ter Borch’s mastery.

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