Dune Landscape with Fence

ca. 1647

Oil on oak
Inv. No. 1240

44 × 36 cm

zur  Biographie

The genre of landscape painting likewise had its specialists. Without recourse to dramatic effects, a fragment of the familiar surroundings was presented in all its beauty – a beauty which art taught the world to see. The landscapist Jacob van Ruisdael (1638/29–82), captured natural scenery as settings of sensory awareness. Quite justifiably, he is considered the master of the poetic mood that spreads out over his almost tangibly graduated landscapes. He usually envisioned his native environment, though it is not always possible to identify the exact locations of his scenes. The Dune Landscape with Fence entered the museum collection in 1892 as a donation from the one-time Städel administrator Moritz Gontard.

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