Old Master Painting

Dirck van Baburen, Young Man Singing, 1622

Dirck van Baburen

Young Man Singing


Gerard ter Borch, Lady with Wine Glass

Gerard ter Borch

Lady with Wine Glass


Bartholomäus Breenbergh, The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, 1647

Bartholomeus Breenbergh

The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence

Old Master Painting

Adriaen Brouwer, The Bitter Potion

Adriaen Brouwer

The Bitter Potion


Jan Bruegel the Elder, Latona and the Lycian Peasants, 1601

Jan Bruegel the Elder

Latona and the Lycian Peasants


Aelbert Cuyp, Flock of Sheep on the Pasture, ca. 1645–55

Aelbert Cuyp

Flock of Sheep

Old Master Painting

Jan Vermeer van Delft, The Geographer, 1669

Jan Vermeer van Delft

The Geographer


Aert de Gelder, Self-Portrait as Zeuxis, 1685

Aert de Gelder



Jan van Goyen, Haarlem Sea, 1656

Jan van Goyen

Haarlem Sea


Frans Hals, Portraits of a Man and a Woman, 1638

Frans Hals

Portraits of a Man and a Woman


Paul Juvenel the Elder, The Baptism of Christ, 1609

Paul Juvenel the Elder

The Baptism of Christ


Aert van der Neer , Nocturnal Canal Landscape with Fishing Boats, ca. 1645–50

Aert van der Neer

Nocturnal Canal Landscape
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