French Orchard at Harvest Time (Le verger)


Oil on canvas
Inv. No. 1444 (Property of the Städelscher Museums-Verein e. V.)

168 × 300 cm

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This unusually large painting invites the viewer on a visual stroll into a luxuriant orchard. Daubigny was a member of the School of Barbizon, a group of artists who met in the woods outside Paris, far from the academic studios, to paint in the open air. In this late masterpiece, the artist comes up with endless variations on the principal colour, green, and applies it in a huge variety of different structures. This ode to a quiet garden in Île-de-France is bathed in the gentle light of a fall afternoon. It was one of the museum’s important acquisitions in the area of French art before the outbreak of World War I.

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