Nude with Hat

ca. 1910

Oil on canvas
Inv. No. SG 1168

196 × 65 cm

zur  Biographie

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner depicts his lover, Doris Grosse, nearly life-size in his Dresden studio, nude except for her large hat and shoes. According to the artist, it was Lucas Cranach the Elder’s Venus of 1532 in the Städel Museum that inspired this personal work. Like Cranach, the co-founder of the artists’ group “Die Brücke” sought to achieve an idealized image of woman with this nude, which incorporates the subject’s body into the studio as a universal living space, with furniture and textiles made by the artist. Kirchner devoted himself to his Nude with Hat on two separate occasions. He executed the original painting in Dresden in 1910. Then, after moving to Switzerland in 1917, he began to overpaint that work, producing a smooth and more two-dimensional surface for the body. Also at this time, he backdated it to 1907 – a date that cannot be upheld on art-historical or biographical grounds – thus situating the painting one year before the epoch-making Berlin exhibition of the works of the French painter Henri Matisse.

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