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Fleurs et céramique (Flowers and Ceramics)

ca. 1911-13

Oil on canvas
Inv. No. SG 1213

94 × 83 cm

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Having overcome Impressionism and co-founded the expressionist artists’ group “Les Fauves” (The Wild Beasts), Matisse dissolved the three-dimensional pictorial space and endowed the colours with total independence from the objects’ structures. This still life dates from an experimental period beginning in 1911 and marking the artist’s strong preoccupation with the reduced geometric forms that dominated Cubism. The forcefulness of the colour is enhanced by the two-dimensional, decorative employment of an intensive, luminous blue in which the objects – recognizable as a pot of flowers, a plate and a sheet of paper – appear to be ornamentally anchored. Matisse, who cultivated and developed the concept of the decorative throughout his life, profited from the encounter with the Oriental culture – as did many of his fellow painters. He made several trips to Morocco, experiencing the intensive colours of Northern Africa and filling his canvasses with them. Like Picasso – who abstracted the forms of the objects represented – Matisse was one of the major precursors of the art of the twentieth century, in his case with regard to the autonomy of colour.

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