The Battle of the Nudes

ca. 1470-75

Inv. No. 34115

41 × 60 cm

zur  Biographie

In addition to the works he produced as a goldsmith, painter and founder, Antonio Pollaiuolo (ca. 1432–98) was famous above all for one thing: his engraving The Battle of the Nudes. Executed in ca. 1470/75, the scene is devoted entirely to the male nude, which is shown in a great number of variations. It is clear evidence of in-depth studies of human anatomy, still a novelty in this period. For it was not until the Renaissance that the human being became the focus of thought and creative activity.


As a result, for the first time since Antiquity, the artist was expected to possess precise knowledge about, and be able to imitate, humankind and nature. The tangible side of reality was now empirically explored.

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