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The Städelschule (Städel School) has its origins in an endowment by Frankfurt citizen Johann Friedrich Städel of the year 1815. With his foundation charter, Johann Friedrich Städel created the prerequisites for the establishment of the Städelsches Kunstinstitut (Städel Art Institute). He thus combined a public-access art collection with a school for artistically interested laypersons as well as talented young artists.

With the Städelsches Kunstinstitut, an institution for the receptive encounter with art of the past and present as well as the productive development of new art forms had been established. Over the course of time, two areas developed from this institute: the Städel Museum and the Städelschule.

As regards its teachers and students alike, the Städelschule is an international institution. More than forty percent of the students come from abroad. The relatively low number of students – approximately 130 in the area of the fine arts and some 30 in the area of architecture – facilitates very direct and intensive exchange with the school’s 10 professors.


The Kunsthalle Portikus gallery has been part of the Städelschule since 1987 and likewise contributes to the school’s international renown. Artists from all over the world exhibit there, a circumstance from which the students of the academy profit in a wide variety of ways. Over the years, the Portikus has made a name for itself as a leading centre of experimental art in Germany. At the same time, the Frankfurt art scene has thus far been enhanced with more than one hundred public exhibitions.


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