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"... the pinnacle of what culture has to offer today …”
Kunstzeitung, 01 April 2006

"The Städel is the most precious pearl in the string of museums lining both banks. Strongly frequented not only by visitors from afar, … the Frankfurters themselves have also meanwhile rediscovered it.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 28 December 2010

The exhibitions presented the Städel Museum are among the most well attended in Germany and draw attention far and wide. As a sponsor, you can support us in the realization of one of our exhibition projects. In thematically multifaceted shows which take chief masterpieces of the collection as their point of departure, the Städel Museum presents its own works side by side with outstanding loans from collections all over Germany and the world. Every one of our exhibitions is accompanied by a versatile education and mediation programme for every age group from children and school pupils to senior citizens.

Within the framework of your financial commitment as a sponsoring partner, you have the advantage of presenting yourself at our side through a wide range of presentation and communication forms. We will work with you to develop exclusive events in conjunction the respective show, and to create an accompanying programme related to the project theme for your customers and employees.

Our diverse marketing activities as well as our international press work moreover guarantee our partners extensive media penetration and a place in the limelight of public attention.


Julia Lange
Head of Sponsoring
Phone +49-(0)69-605098-159
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