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STÄDELKOMITEE 21. JAHRHUNDERT (Städel Committee of the 21st Century)


"The ‘Städelkomitee’ enables us to add strategically to the contemporary art collection. It is a committee unparalleled in Europe, made up of extraordinary individuals with an interest in art who are supporting the museum at a very specific moment in its history, with an intelligent approach and immense commitment.”
Dr. Martin Engler, Head of the Collection of Contemporary Art

The members of the Städelkomitee 21. Jahrhundert are united by a passion for contemporary art and the desire to support the Städel in obtaining works of high quality. Established by Sylvia von Metzler in 2007, the committee facilitates the targeted acquisition of key works of contemporary art and thus plays a consistent and important role in expanding this area of the collection, which has been developing very rapidly in recent years. Here you will find the members of the Städelkomitee 21. Jahrhundert.
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