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What lies hidden beneath the layers of paint or varnish on a picture? How bright were the colours of a watercolour originally? What do we know about the original condition of a work?

Questions like these are usually answered behind the scenes, in the restoration workshops, and this is one of the most fascinating areas of museum work. In the Städel, as in all of the world’s major museums, restorers are responsible for preserving a large and valuable collection of objects that embody the history of art and culture, ranging from Medieval panel paintings to contemporary multi-media installations. Restoration work requires comprehensive historical and technical knowledge of materials, special manual skills and, not least of all, a scientific understanding of the processes of physical deterioration. All this forms the basis for decisions which seek to ensure that the individual work of art is preserved for years to come, while at the same time retaining its material authenticity, historical significance and dignity.

Thanks to support from private sources we shall be able to continue restoring important works of art in the future and thus maintain the high, internationally recognized quality of the collection.

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