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"The Städel Museum’s projects in the area of education are innovative and unusual – here fresh ground is being broken and ideas are being realized.”
Aventis Foundation

Education in aesthetics is becoming more and more important internationally and is today considered one of the museum’s core responsibilities to society. For more than twenty years, the Städel Museum has been opening its doors to the world outside with a widely recognized mediation initiative for all groups of the society. The diverse spectrum of forward-looking presentation and mediation offers is regularly readjusted to satisfy the visitors’ various interests, qualifications and needs. The aim is to address the target groups in a dynamic manner, particularly groups of children, teens and young adults with educational disadvantages, as well as to retain the interest classical museum public.

Numerous collaborations with social, educational and cultural institutions guarantee that the Städel Museum’s education work can take lasting effect in Frankfurt’s greater metropolitan area. The comprehensive programme ranges from early education in aesthetics, offers for socially disadvantaged children and teens, programmes for aesthetically talented and highly gifted youngsters, and educational offers for pupils in the area of vocational orientation and school projects to a wide spectrum of guided tours, lectures and workshops. The Städel Museum moreover also plays a pioneering role in the further training of teachers and is an important partner for adult education locally and regionally.

A programme of this abundance, quality and appeal cannot be realized without additional support and the commitment of foundations and businesses.

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