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An integral part of a museum’s scholarly work is to look at the artworks over and over again, and think about their character and their context. Great artworks provide answers to many and very different questions.

Since its founding, the intensive scholarly investigation of its own holdings has been one of the Städel Museum’s chief concerns. Current research issues constitute the focus of our exhibitions, specialized publications, lecture series, colloquia and talks with artists. Also among the tasks in this context are art-historical research projects and cooperative partnerships with universities and research institutions as well as provenance research. New findings on the works in our collection are processed by the museum’s scholars using modern methods, and presented to the public.

This work of such substantial importance for our institution is traditionally carried out with the support of interested citizens and organizations. They enable the Städel Museum to cultivate and expand its reputation as a richly traditional scholarly institution far beyond Frankfurt city limits on an on-going basis.

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