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Online Tour in English

  • Kosten 5 Euro (Das Ticket für die Teilnahme an der Online-Veranstaltung gilt pro Endgerät)
  • Ausstellung Holbein
  • Technische Voraussetzungen Internetfähiges Gerät (vorzugsweise: PC, Laptop) mit Kamera und Mikrofon, stabile Internetverbindung. Weitere technische Hinweise finden Sie am Ende dieser Seite.

Experience the art of the Städel Museum with art educators—online at home. The online tour of the exhibition “Holbein and the Renaissance in the North” offers a unique interactive art experience in digital space.

2023 Digital Shooting Erwachsene Gegenwart 21

In the early sixteenth century, the imperial and commercial metropolis of Augsburg was the centre of a new art. What factors contributed to the city’s cultural and economic prosperity? Who were the pioneers of the Renaissance in the North? Learn more about the Italian and Dutch models of this art. Discuss the influence of economic factors, significantly influenced by Emperor Maximilian and Jakob Fugger “the Rich”. And follow the traces of a search for national identity in art.


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