Cap, 1994

Antony Gormley numbers among the most important contemporary British sculptors. In his monumental works, he pursues a fundamental theme: the human body.

Gormley has used brush and India ink to create a small-scale figure which flows, as it were, across the sheet of paper from top to bottom. The self-contained, block-like body stands diagonally in the space – neither its arms nor its legs can compensate for its dramatic loss of balance in the instant recorded. Nonetheless, its equilibrium is maintained by the delicate lines which seem to have emerged from its “cap”. Like an acrobat subtly woven into the space, it seems thus to make the impossible possible. The sculptor asserts his presence in the drawing when the figure, rendered in a single colour, develops astonishing volume through the application of the ink.

© Antony Gormley

Pigment, casein on velin paper
192 × 136 mm
Inv. No. 17009
Property of the Städelscher Museums-Verein e. V.

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