Untitled, 1956

No title stands between you and the painting – no words direct your thoughts. Your gaze and the work are free to interact as they like. You are lured by the large, broad sweep of movement which commences at the upper left and forms an elliptical vortex at the picture’s centre. Perpendicular to the diagonal plane of the whirlpool, the thoroughfares cut off by the edges of the canvas at the left and right ultimately exit the painting at the lower right hand corner. The composition’s dynamic passes to the viewer when he tries to re-enact the movement with his eyes.

In order to “paint” pictures like this, Götz first had to invent a new technique. In his search for a material suitable for an energetic and body-oriented mode of painting, he hit upon a combination of paste and water soluble paints. He carried out the broad, planar movements with wooden scrapers of varying widths. They permitted elegance of composition with quick, playful and spontaneous gestures in which Götz deliberately relinquished control over the details. With his works, he provided important impulses for the gestural Tachist style of painting.

© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

Oil on canvas
122 × 91 cm
Inv. No. 2356

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