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The free Android and iOS-compatible Städel app enriches your museum visit with interesting background information and audio-guide tracks on approximately one hundred works in the Städel collection.

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The Städel App is available for Smartphones with the operating systems iOS and Android for free.

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About the App

What does it offer?

In the museum, the app’s integrated image scanner recognizes selected works in the collection. Allow yourself to be guided to the work by way of associative questions; then immerse yourself in the collection highlight with the aid of further text information as well as audio and video material.

Arranged according to the three main areas of the collection – “Old Masters”, “Modern Art” and “Contemporary Art” – the list function provides you with a convenient overview of the Städel’s highlights. You also have the option of saving your favourites and ordering selected works as high-quality reproductions for your home. In cooperation with the dm drugstore chain, works from the Städel Museum collection can be ordered as art prints.

Overview of the App Features

  • Free audio, video and text material on more than 100 collection highlights
  • Intelligent image scanner recognizes works within seconds
  • Favourite-saver function
  • Direct link to dm – Print on Demand
  • Purchase option for audio guides to selected special exhibitions
  • App contents offered in German and English

For suggestions and criticism please contact and tell us your smartphone device type and operating system. Thank you!



Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

What should I do when the message "unable to read audio file" is displayed?

The Städel app is a web based application. Therefore please make sure you are located in an environment with Internet access. WiFi is available throughout the Städel Museum free of charge.

In case the audio files of the audio guide can still not be read, please close the app completely and open it again.

Should the problem persist after having followed the above instructions, you must delete the app and reinstall it. Information about reinstalling the app under iOS: After installation you will be prompted to buy the audio guide again. Once you initiate the purchasing process, the Städel app will recognize that you have already bought it. You will not have to pay for it twice.

How do I download the app?

The Städel app is a web based application. Therefore please make sure you are located in an environment with Internet access. WiFi is available throughout the Städel Museum free of charge. Please note that loading the audio files may take some time.

How does the image scanner work?

Position yourself directly in front of the work you want to know more about and activate the image scanner by clicking the eye symbol. Capture the painting in its full size. Within a few seconds all the information about the work that is available in the app will be displayed. Look for the eye symbol in the label text to find out which works of the collection can be captured with the image scanner. Information about the image scanner under iOS: Should you be unable to activate the image scanner, please make sure that the camera on your smartphone is switched on.

Kindly also note that it may take a moment for the image scanner to change to scan mode.

Can I install the app on multiple devices?

The app can be used on multiple devices via one account. However, please note that the app is not optimized for tablets and that functionality may be limited on those devices.

Which devices is the app optimized for?

iOS: The Städel app is optimized for iPhone SE, 5, iPhone 6 (and 6S), iPhone 6 Plus (and 6S Plus) and iPhone 7 und 7 Plus. The app requires iOS 8.0 or a more recent version.

Android: The app requires Android 4.2 or a more recent version.

The Städel app is optimized for smartphones. Therefore please note that functionality may be limited on tablets.

How can I change the language settings?

Both the Städel app and the audio guide are available in German and English.

iOS: The app selects the language according to the settings on your smartphone. If you want to change the language used in the app, please change the language in the settings of your smartphone.

Android: You can select the language in the app settings: Choose your preferred language on the home screen by clicking the cogwheel icon to enter the settings.

How can I adjust the volume?

The app is designed for use in the museum and therefore uses the speaker on your phone for audio playback. You will achieve the best audio experience using headphones. Ask for a free pair of disposable headphones at the cashier's desk where the audio guides are issued.

Who do I contact for further questions?

Should you have any further questions, please contact, specifying your type of device and version of operating system (e.g. Android 4.x or iOS 7.x).

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