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House Rules

We are delighted to welcome you to the Städel Museum. In order to do justice to all of our visitors and their interests and to guarantee the safety of the artworks, certain rules are imperative. The house rules are binding for all visitors. By entering the museum building, the visitors acknowledge the validity of these rules.

Museum and garden

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the museum.

Animals are not permitted anywhere on the museum grounds.

For security reasons, the museum and museum grounds are video-monitored.


Throughout the museum opening hours, our cloakroom is at your disposal for the deposit of articles of clothing. Large bags or handbags, knapsacks, umbrellas and walking/hiking sticks as well as carrying frames for children must be deposited in the cloakroom. Walking aids required for reasons of health are exempt from this rule. Due to limited space, the deposit of suitcases is not always possible. No liability will be assumed for articles deposited in the cloakroom or the lockers.

Exhibition rooms

For conservatorial reasons and reasons of safety, visitors may not carry articles of clothing over their arms in the permanent and temporary exhibition rooms.

The consumption of food and beverages is not permitted in the permanent and temporary exhibition rooms, nor may any fluids be brought into these rooms. The cloakroom is at your disposal for the deposit of such items. For the alimentation of babies and small children, please use the rooms on the ground floor designated for this purpose.

Prams and wheelchairs – both manually operated wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs suitable for use in interiors – may be used in our rooms. We will place a wheelchair at your disposal free of charge for the duration of your visit. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to regulate the number of prams we admit.

For safety reasons, the folding stools may not be used in special exhibitions.

Please retain the required safety distance of 50 centimetres to the artworks. If a signal sounds, please step back. The artworks may not be touched under any circumstances.

In consideration of other visitors, please avoid noise and loud talking. On mobile telephones, the ringtone must be switched off. Telephone conversations are prohibited in these rooms.

We are delighted to welcome small children to our museum, and request that the persons accompanying them see to it that no artworks are endangered, and that the other visitors are in no way disturbed. Running, romping and the throwing of toys are prohibited.

Passages and emergency exits must be kept clear. Emergency exits may be used only in cases of emergency.

The use of camera, audio and video recorders

The use of photo cameras (without flash) for private purposes is permitted in the Städel Museum collection. Cameras may also be used (without flash) in special exhibitions unless stated otherwise on the label on the wall next to the respective work. Cameras, audio and video recorders may be used for commercial or publication reasons only with written permission from the Städel Museum. To obtain permission, please contact our press department prior to your visit. Without prior permission from the Städel Museum, the commercial use of all photographs and audio and video recordings is prohibited, as is the use of technical aids (lighting, tripod, selfie stick).

Guard personnel

In the event that the burglar alarm is activated on the museum premises, the directorate is authorized to lock all exits in order to search persons and bags.

During events, the museum guard personnel is authorized to search persons and bags as provided for by the separate event regulations.

It is the responsibility of the guards to ensure that the rules of the house are observed. For this reason, the instructions of the guard staff are to be followed. If the rules of the house or the instructions of the guards are violated, the offender/s can be prohibited from remaining in the building by any person acting on behalf of the museum.