In 1815, Johann Friedrich Städel bequeathed his art collection and his fortune to the citizens of Frankfurt. In doing so, he laid the cornerstone for one of Germany’s most prestigious museums and, for the first time, made art accessible to everyone. Since that time, many sponsors, patrons and friends have followed his example: even today, dedicated supporters continue to ensure the Städel’s character as a diverse and inspiring venue. This dedication is the basis on which we build our ideas, projects and initiatives, and we are proud that the enthusiasm of our supporters results in that of our visitors. We invite you to join us!

Donations and bequests

Donations and bequests

The Frankfurt Städel Museum is an excellent example of the fact that cultural institutions can only endure and develop if people believe in and support them. Founded by a single individual “to provide the best for this town and its citizens”, the Städel bears the lasting stamp of its initiator’s noble spirit. Year after year, broad-based private patronage helps the museum to present interesting exhibitions, offer convincing education and mediation initiatives for every level of knowledge, exercise its research responsibilities, and implement its museological programme in such a way as to touch and inspire people and help them grow.

The forms of support are as diverse as the people who provide it: the spectrum includes small, large, one-time and regular donations, gifts and bequests. We post the names of those supporters who contribute to our institution generously and on a long-term basis – as sponsors for one of the collection halls or one of the skylights in the striking Garden Halls, or on the wall of patrons in the museum’s central stairway.


Stefanie Jerger

Head of Institutional Advancement
Telephone +49(0)69-605098-231

Claudia Kaschube

Head of Donations & Legacies
Telephone +49(0)69-605098-207

Hannah Ruiz

Head of Fundraising & VIP Relations
Telephone +49(0)69-605098-295

“It simply gives me pleasure to donate to the Städel and see it grow.”

A comment on a donation form

Donation by will

The Städel Museum owes its existence to a single citizen, who bequeathed his art collection and his entire fortune to the general public. Since then, many people have followed the example of Johann Friedrich Städel and remembered the museum in their wills in the form of a donation or gift.

Naturally, donations made to the Städel by will (which, incidentally, are exempt from inheritance tax) can be designated for a specific purpose within the context of the museum’s work – for example one of the collections, the education and mediation work or conservation – depending on what matters to you most. The museum is highly honoured by this form of support, and it is a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to express our gratitude and recognition within the donor’s lifetime. Please contact us if you are planning to take the Städel into consideration in your will or require further information on bequests.


The aim of the museum founder to expand and improve the collection on an ongoing basis continues to make itself felt at the Städel to this day. The farsighted founder attached especial importance to the inclusion of contemporary art, and as a result the Städel Museum can today present seven hundred years of art at a superb level of quality. The fact that we owe approximately one third of the works in the collection on view to gifts made by private individuals is an especially impressive indication of our long tradition of civil involvement, and is reflected in a statement made by former Städel director Ludwig Justi upon taking office in 1904: “More than the museums of other cities, the Staedeleum was familiar to the Frankfurters. Every Sunday the whole world went there, especially when something had been purchased or donated. If there was a death in society, it was par for the course that something was left to the Städel. … From time immemorial, the Städel was accordingly a permanent feature in the lives of the Frankfurters.”

Some donations

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    Guercino, Madonna and Child (ca. 1621–22)

    Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, 1591–1666)
    Madonna and Child, ca. 1621–22
    Oil on canvas
    Acquired in 2010 as a gift from Eduard and Barbara Beaucamp

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    Eugène Carrière, Sleep, 1890

    Eugène Carrière (1849–1906)
    Sleep, 1890
    Oil on canvas
    Acquired in 2013 as a gift from Claus H. Wencke

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    Medardo Rosso, Aetas aurea (The Golden Age), 1902

    Medardo Rosso (1858–1928)
    Aetas aurea (The Golden Age), 1902
    Acquired in 2014 with funds from a private donation

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    Jusepe de Ribera: Saint James the Greater (ca. 1615/16)

    Jusepe de Ribera (1591 – 1652)
    Saint James the Greater (ca. 1615/16)
    Oil on canvas
    133.1 x 99.1 cm
    Frankfurt am Main, Städel Museum
    Donated by Dagmar Westberg, Frankfurt am Main, in 2014

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    Werner Büttner, Please wake at 8 pm, 1982

    Werner Büttner (b. 1954)
    Please wake at 8 pm, 1982
    Oil on canvas
    Acquired in 2013 as a gift from Benedikt Taschen
    © Werner Büttner

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    Wolfgang Tillmans, Freischwimmer 54, 2004

    Wolfgang Tillmans (b. 1968)
    Freischwimmer 54, 2004
    Photograph (C-Print)
    Acquired in 2008 with funds from the Städelkomitee 21. Jahrhundert,
    Property of Städelscher Museums-Verein e.V.
    © Wolfgang Tillmans

Companies & foundations

Companies & foundations

Well-known companies and foundations make major contributions in support of the Städel Museum’s work, accompany future-oriented education projects in the capacity of patrons, and act as sponsors of widely publicised exhibitions of international renown.


As our corporate partner you profit from the Städel Museum’s comprehensive and vibrant network. We offer you a unique platform for creative exchange on all levels of society and business. Effectively publicise your commitment to culture and pass the advantages of the partnership on to your employees. Use your long-term presence at the Städel for unique experiences with your guests – for example exclusive event formats, creative educational offers, free admission for your employees, and privileged access to our permanent collection and special exhibitions.
Expand your radius of action through a partnership with the Städel, Liebieghaus and Schirn.


With its major special exhibitions, the Städel responds to the public interest – regionally, nationally and internationally. As a sponsor, you can support one of our highlight shows. Profit from our wide range of marketing activities and international press work. Collaborate with us to create exceptional events for your guests with exclusive insights into the respective exhibition. And benefit from a broad spectrum of individually tailored advantages for your customers, business partners and employees.

A special form of project-specific patronage is the support of an education programme. Aid us in our work by sponsoring an educational offer for children, teenagers or adults!


Julia Lange

Head of Grants & Foundations
Telephone +49(0)69-605098-159

Hannah Krämer

Head of Sponsoring & Corporate Events
Telephone +49(0)69-605098-285

“We are delighted that we can pave the way for such a unique, cost-free offer for the furthering of cultural education for children and teens at the Städel Museum.”

Eva Wunsch-Weber, chairwoman of the board, Frankfurter Volksbank eG


For the Städel Museum as a venue for education, research and scholarly reflection, the dedication of foundations is a factor of key importance. Your foundation can supportively accompany the Städel in the realisation of scholarly projects, our work with the collection, the development of new concepts of aesthetic education and mediation, and the realisation of conservation projects.

Eva Claudia Scholtz, executive director, Hessische Kulturstiftung, says: “We regard the support we give to the scholarly work of both museums as an enduring investment in society.” With your assistance, you contribute to enabling the Städel Museum to do justice to its core responsibilities – collection, preservation, research and communication – in a special way.

Städelscher Museums-Verein e.V.

The Städelscher Museums-Verein e.V.

The Städelscher Museums-Verein has been supporting the museum work since 1899 and is a firmly established entity in the culture and society of the city of Frankfurt. With about 9,600 friends of art, the society of friends of the Städel Museum and the Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung provides financial and non-material assistance to both museums.


Art brings people together – join our circle of friends. Citizens from the region, new arrivals in Frankfurt, young and old, newcomers to art and art connoisseurs, companies and representatives of business, culture and the media are all active on our behalf.

As a member, you get more out of art: free admission to the collections and exhibitions of the Städel and the Liebieghaus – without long queues –, a diverse art programme, invitations to day tours and several-day art excursions, interesting contacts to the Frankfurt art scene, invitations to exhibition openings and lots of opportunities for exchange.


Membership is available to individuals, two art friends in the same household, families, young friends of the arts, patrons and companies.



The network for young art friends offers a direct line to art. With a highly diverse programme – from the Old Masters to the present – for everyone who enjoys learning about art, making contacts and discovering the art scene in and around Frankfurt. Our events cater to the interests of vocational trainees, students, employees and young families. We organise events with people who know about art: in museums, galleries, exhibitions or behind the scenes.

Sponsors and patrons

Sponsors and patrons

We are deeply indebted to our patrons for their dedication in all its many forms and expressions.

Patrons of education projects

In view of its innovative and target-group-specific mediation work, the Städel Museum sets an example in the area of modern museum education and is acknowledged throughout the region as an important learning venue. With their dedication, the foundations and companies among our patrons contribute decisively to the cultivation and expansion of our diversified and vibrant educational programme.


Hannelore Krempa Stiftung

Aventis Foundation
Dr. Marschner Stiftung

Georg and Franziska Speyer’sche Hochschulstiftung

Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne

Fraport AG

Stiftung Giersch

EKHN Stiftung

A production of the Städel Museum in cooperation with NOLGONG
Aventis Foundation, Commerzbank-Stiftung

Columbia Threadneedle Investments

BNP Paribas Stiftung

Frankfurter Volksbank

Dr. Wolfgang and Sigrid Berner Stiftung

Gallery sponsors

Generous and long-term support for the Städel Museum in the form of donations from private citizens represents a significant factor in the financing of our ongoing programmes and multifaceted initiatives. Dedication of this kind deserves public acknowledgement and recognition. It is our pleasure to express our appreciation in sponsorships for individual exhibition halls, individual skylights in the Garden Hall, etc. Please contact us if you would like to show your commitment to the museum in this manner, or make a gift in honour of a person close to you.

Old Masters Collection
Fern and Helmuth Achterath
Heribert Diehl
Evonik Industries AG
Frankfurter Volksbank eG
Hilmar Kopper
Ilse and Herrmann Schlosser
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Schweickart
Dagmar Westberg

Modern Art Collection
Pirkko and Josef Ackermann
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
Dr. Hans-Ulrich Lauermann and Dr. Ina Petzschke-Lauermann
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Stephan
Dr. Michael and Karin Thoma

Contemporary Art Collection
Bankhaus Metzler
Deutsche Bank AG
Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung
Familie Erivan Haub
Fritz and Waltraud Mayer
Barbara von Metzler
KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Land Hessen
Margarethe and Klaus Posselt
Stadt Eschborn
Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft
Städelscher Museums-Verein

Sammlungsbereich Graphische Sammlung
Hubertus and Christina von Baumbach

Städelkomitee 21. Jahrhundert

With substantial annual donations, the members of the Städelkomitee 21. Jahrhundert provide targeted support to the purchase of contemporary art. The committee thus participates actively in the further development of the holdings and contributes decisively to its expansion.

Maria-Theresia Artmann
Michael Baum
Martha and Thomas Buhl
Kilian Bumiller
Julie Burgermeister-Schmitz and Jan Philipp Schmitz
Jürgen H. and Antje Conzelmann
Dr. Oliver Dany
Dr. Andreas Dombret
Dr. Andreas Fabritius and Dr. Chiara Zilioli Fabritius
Ursula Felten
Michael Fuchs
Katherine Fürstenberg-Raettig
Jan-Hendrik and Friederike Goldbeck
Hans T. and Jutta Gonder
Claudia Varvelli and Jürgen Gross
Dr. Hans-Christian and Ina Hauck
Dr. Nikolaus Hensel
Andreas Hübner and Martina Heß-Hübner
Philip Holzer
Helene and Johannes Huth
Gabriela and Stefan Jaecker
Dr. Matthias Jaletzke
Thomas Jetter
Roswitha Keppler Junius
Sigrid Krämer
Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff
Ralf and Kathrin Lochmüller
Fritz P. Mayer
Dr. Petra and Stephen Orenstein
Dr. Ana and Reinfried Pohl
Dr. Hans-Jürgen and Monika Reichardt
Martin and Charlotte Reitz
Ute and Thomas Rodermann
Dr. Helmut Rothenberger
René Scharf
Christine and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt
Dr. Diana and Dr. Peter Sewing
Sonja Terraneo
Tanja and Harry Thomsen
Thomas Ullrich
Christopher and Stefanie von Hugo
Sylvia von Metzler
Eberhard and Sabine Weiershäuser
Christian and Monika Zorn

Board of trustees

The Städel Museum’s board of trustees was initiated in 2007. Its members include notable persons from the realms of business, culture and society who have committed themselves to advising on and supporting the museum’s activities.

Michael Baum
Klaus Becker
Dr. Werner Brandt
Antje Conzelmann
Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret
Dr. Michael Endres
Uwe Fröhlich
Katherine Fürstenberg-Raettig
Ulrike Hattendorff
Dr. Helga Haub
Donatus Landgraf von Hessen
Prof. Dr. Carl-Heinz Heuer
Johannes P. Huth
Hartmuth A. Jung
Roland Koch
Frank Mattern
Dr. Dirk Notheis
Dr. Nicolas Peter
Dr. Ina Petzschke-Lauermann
Karl von Rohr (Chairman)
Dr. Joachim von Schorlemer
Steffen Seibert
Jerry I. Speyer
Christian Strenger
Dr. Jens Weidmann
Martin Wiesmann
Prof. Dr. Norbert Winkeljohann
Karin Wolff
Eva Wunsch-Weber
Susanne Zeidler
Dr. Matthias Zieschang


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