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The Städel Museum
Founded on Your Patronage

Since its founding by Johann Friedrich Städel in 1815, the museum has been borne by its deep ties to numerous friends of art. And to the very present, it is their dedication that enables people from all over the world to enjoy art on site at the museum or online, and to enter into dialogue with it, themselves and others.

How You Can Support the Museum

Patronage of the Städel unites you—with art, with other art lovers, with Friedrich Städel’s unique vision of a museum in the public spirit.

Philipp Demandt, Director of the Städel Museum

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Städel Museum Now

Support us with a donation designated for a specific area especially close to your heart, or with a general donation to help out where it’s needed most. Your contribution is an indispensable and valuable gift for the future of your Städel.


The Städel Museum support team is so glad you’re interested.

Sponsors & Patrons
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We thank all our supporters for their multifaceted dedication.