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Art History Online
The Städel Course on Modern Art

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What a splendid idea and successful result! You captured my attention hour after hour and the genre of Modern Art which I had eyed somewhat suspiciously up to then, became accessible to me.

Graduate of the course

Course Description

  • Discover and learn how to look at 250 masterworks of Modern Art from 1750 to the present. 
  • Enjoy hours of art appreciation at your own pace in five thematic modules
  • Take advantage of a rich programme of films, entertaining learning formats, engrossing texts and a comprehensive timeline of art history
  • Completely free of charge – thanks to the sponsorship of the Städelscher Museums-Vereins e.V. 


As you work through the modules you will encounter various topics that progress thematically. Your understanding of works of art from 1750 to the present will be developed through questions and tasks that help you form your own critical response to art. You can test the knowledge you have acquired in various tasks within each module.

Throughout the entire course a timeline is also available to you as an important aid to orientation. There you will find a wealth of background information about works, artists, styles and schools, as well as historical, cultural and political contexts.

The timeline is available to you throughout the course as a valuable resource and aid to orientation. Informative tests supplement and delve into the module's main points. Brief explanatory animated films help you gain a better sense of selected works and themes. Playful tasks allow you to immediately apply and test your newly acquired knowledge. 

Whether you already have a basic knowledge of art history or simply enjoy looking at art, “Art History Online – The Städel Course on Modern Art” will offer you fresh, enjoyable insights into art history. It is an ideal accompaniment to self-study and continuing education.

The online course was developed by the Städel Museum in collaboration with the Art History Chair and the Centre for Digital Cultures at Leuphana University of Lüneburg.

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I studied art history myself and regard this online course as a brilliant way of arousing interest in museums. My friends and acquaintances are also excited about it. 

User of the course

Sponsored by
Städelscher Museums-Verein e.V.

With support from
Christa Verhein-Stiftung

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