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Städel Universe

Human knowledge is disappearing. Finding it again and embarking on an adventurous journey to the secrets of art—that is STÄDEL UNIVERSE. An educational and entertaining game for museum visits and at home.

At a glance

  • Exciting tasks and stories about 36 artworks in the Städel
  • 4 levels and 12 stellar constellations
  • For museum visits and beyond
  • Web-based and free of charge
  • Suitable for all users from the age of 12
  • In German and English

The technical requirement for the game is a smartphone with the latest iOS or Android operating system. The game works with all standard web browsers. The Städel WIFI is available free of charge in the Permanent Exhibition.

About the game

On a great mission through stellar constellations and the Städel Collection

The mission begins with a mysterious message from the future and leads through several levels. The stellar constellations serve as a guide—a universal map of human history. Humans have always observed the night sky in order to understand the world through the universe. They collect their knowledge in libraries, archives, and museums. Paintings and sculptures also tell stories and provide unique insights into different eras of society.

The aim of the game is to recover lost knowledge with the help of works of art. On their journey through the Städel Universe, players are confronted with real-life ethical and moral issues. Old certainties are put to the test and new questions are raised.

Sponsors and partners

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Commerzbank-Stiftung and Aventis Foundation


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