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Innovation and Expansion

A museum must continually reinvent itself, bring its holdings up to date and reevaluate its contents.

With its collection of artworks spanning 700 years, its target-group-specific museum-education formats, its comprehensive digital strategy and its popular and widely recognized exhibition projects that take ever-new perspectives on the collection background, the Städel stays abreast of the times.

Changes in society and lifeworlds also trigger a need for new concepts and structures in the museum. This includes structural changes such as the expansion of the areas for the collection display and special exhibitions, but also the transition to modern, energy-saving technologies. To the Städel Museum as a private civic foundation, these measures pose a financial challenge we would like to tackle with our long-term partners and sponsors.

We’d be delighted to come to you with our project proposals so that we can link your foundation purposes with our aims and together develop concepts for the future of our cultural institutions.


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