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Städel Museum Städel Museum

Victor Man
The Lines of Life

14 Oct 2023 – 4 Feb 2024

St presse man girl in love with a wound 2020 2021

With his sensitive and time-transcending compositions, Romanian artist Victor Man is one of the most sought-after painters of the present—and one of the most extraordinary. In the midst of the Old Masters Collection, the Städel Museum is presenting an exhibition of works from the past ten years dedicated to his artistic focus: portraits.

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About the Exhibition

At the Städel Museum, a fascinating dialogue between history and the present emerges. Subtle influences of the pre-Renaissance, dense with metaphors, emerge in his melancholic imagery. In deep dark green, blue, and black, the artist creates portraits as intimate as they are enigmatic. Stylistically complex and difficult to categorize: Man’s work reveals numerous art historical references while at the same time representing a unique position in contemporary painting.

  • St presse man untitled 2013

    Victor Man (*1974)
    Untitled, 2013

  • St presse man the chandler 2013

    Victor Man (*1974)
    The Chandler, 2013

  • St presse man untitledconnaissez vous des esseintes 2015

    Victor Man (*1974)
    Untitled (Connaissez-vous des Esseintes?), 2015

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