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After Rubens
Graduate Exhibition of the Städelschule 2018

11 July 2018–5 Aug 2018

About the Exhibition

The graduate exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts–Städelschule returned to the Städel Museum after ten years. Thirty-one artists presented works in various media and disciplines.

The physical and historical proximity between both institutions is present not only in the exhibition space, the Peichlbau of the Städel Museum, but also in the vision of founder, Johann Friedrich Städel: the academy and the museum returned to his founding vision of the display and teaching of fine art closely interlinked.

The title “After Rubens” refered to the recent Rubens exhibition, which has been presented in the same wing of the Städel Museum. The graduates react to the extant museum architecture with an ambivalent attitude. Where Baroque masterpieces once hung, the present state of art was shown. After Rubens, something new begins: after the Städel – before the exit.

With Viviana Abelson, Rosa Aiello, Moriah Askenaizer, Jonas Brinker, Liesel Burisch, Stefan Cantante, Zoltan Ará Elahi, Janusch Ertler, Bertrand Flanet, Cecilia Gerson, Simon Glaser, Guy Gormley, Nancy Halt, J. M. Heard, Ryan Karlsson, Vera Karlsson, Nimrod Karmi, Claudia Lemke, Larissa Mazbouh, Curtis McLean, Aileen Murphy, Iulia Nistor, Joon Yeon Park, Federica Partinico, Laxlan Petras, John Ryaner, Sydney Schrader, Laura Schusinski, Babette Semmer, VMT, Bob van der Wal, Mikhail Wassmer, Seyoung Yoon.

The exhibition featured works by the graduates from the classes of Monika Baer, Peter Fischli, Douglas Gordon, Judith Hopf, Michael Krebber, Christa Näher, Laure Prouvost, Tobias Rehberger, Willem de Rooij, Amy Sillman and Haegue Yang.