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Gallery Sponsorships

With a gallery sponsorship, the collection galleries shine in your name.

As a private civic foundation, the Städel Museum is reliant on generous, long-term support to finance its ongoing programmes and multifaceted initiatives. Support of that kind deserves public recognition and appreciation. We are delighted to express those sentiments in sponsorships, for example for a Städel Garden Hall skylight or one of our collection galleries.

With your gallery sponsorship, you create a strong emblem of your personal dedication to society. Because as a gallery sponsor you contribute directly to the research and preservation of the works in your gallery and are an integral part of the “Städel family”.

Your dedication ensures the long-term maintenance of the collection galleries and the diversification of the works on display there. And you can be a gallery sponsor in any area of the museum collection—whether the old masters, modern art, contemporary art or prints and drawings.

As a civic museum, the Städel bears more than 80 per cent of its cost itself. Gallery sponsorships play a big role in the museum’s upkeep—in the truest sense of the word: even structurally

Jochen Sander, Deputy Director in Charge of Research


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