In Chronological

Städel Works of the 14th to 21st Centuries

28 October 2010 to 24 July 2011

The holdings of the Städel Museum comprise masterpieces of European art from the late Middle Ages to the present. The temporary closure of its galleries in the course of the redevelopment measures carried out in the old building as part of the Städel’s extension and of making the new building accessible via the old building offered the unique opportunity to show the museum’s familiar treasures in an entirely new context. The temporary presentation of the Städel’s collection under the title “In Chronological Order. Städel Works of the 14th to 21st Centuries” in the Exhibition Building abandoned the usual separation according to regions and replaced it by a strictly chronological cross-country hanging. This approach provided a condensed art-historical timeline which granted a new, unusual and often surprising view of both familiar and still to be discovered masterpieces of the Städel and ensured that parts of its collection could also be seen during the redevelopment work. Accompanied by a chain of references to political, social, cultural and scientific key events, the presentation not only offered unconventional adjacencies, but also illustrated the development of Western painting in a unique manner.

CURATORS: Prof. Dr. Jochen Sander, Dr. Felix Krämer and Dr. Martin Engler, Städel Museum
SPONSORED BY: Techem Energy Services GmbH

With additional support from the City of Frankfurt am Main