The Encryption

Sound Installation in the Städel Garten
In the Städel Garden IV

22 July to 31 August 2014

Within the framework of the series “In the Städel Garden”, the two Frankfurt artists Alan B. Brock-Richmond (b. 1970) and Bernhard Schreiner (b. 1971) developed a sound installation which in the summer of 2014 added an acoustic dimension to the entire rear section of the Städel Garden with its distinctive grassy hill. The four-channel sound installation “The Encryption Garden” combined previously produced sound montages of recordings made in the Städel Garden with sounds created live during five concerts in that venue. The concerts served as a source for the development of a sound piece that echoed in the museum garden throughout several weeks of the summer, with each concert building on the respective previous phase of the work. In the course of its process-oriented transformation, “The Encryption Garden” accordingly became ever denser, ultimately to be deconstructed again in the last concert.

CURATORS: Dr. Martin Engler and Franziska Leuthäußer, Städel Museum
SPONSORED BY: Städel Gartengesellschaft