Focus on Ernst
Ludwig Kirchner

Life, 1928–1932 (Inv. No. 2111)

26 April to 9 September 2007

“Life”, which measures just a little less than three by three meters of width, is the largest and most motivically elaborate tapestry by the German Expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Against the background of simple rural life in the Swiss Alps, Kirchner formulated the motif of a worldview that contrasted rural and urban dwellers, implementing biographical elements into his work. This tapestry was hand-woven based on Kirchner’s designs by the weaver Lise Gujer; the idea and commission came from the collector and patron Carl Hagemann.

The exhibition drew attention to this outstanding work by Kirchner and detailed the awarding of the commission, the development of the work, the process of producing it, and its provenance prior to reaching the Städel in 1966.

CURATOR: Dr. Eva Mongi-Vollmer, Städel Museum
SPONSORED BY: Schering Stiftung