Franz Erhard

Walking Pedestals and Places to Stand
In the Städel Garden V

17 September to 23 November 2014

Widely acclaimed as an artist internationally, Franz Erhard Walther (b. 1939) has questioned the traditional understanding of sculpture since the 1960s. The installment of presentations in the series „In the Städel Garden“ was dedicated to his minimalist Walking Pedestals and Places to Stand. Walther’s reduced ground elements formed of steel invited the viewer to a walk-on tour of his work. Pacing off the plinths, the visitor turned into the material of the sculptural process. Walther’s Walking Pedestals and Places to Stand in the Städel’s front and back garden areas offered surprising lines of sight and new perspectives of the museum and its environs. With the entirely novel conceptual and sculptural form of expression manifest in his Walking Pedestals and Places to Stand, Franz Erhard Walther became one of the key figures of Minimal and Performance Art in the early 1970s.

Image: Franz Erhard Walther, Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

CURATOR: Dr. Martin Engler, Head of Contemporary Art Collection, Städel Museum
SPONSORED BY: Städel Gartengesellschaft