The Liberation of Sight

8 March to 28 May 2012

In the exhibition “The Liberation of Sight. The Art of Drawing from Kobell to Corinth from the Städel Museum”, the Städel Department of Prints and Drawings showed German drawings of the nineteenth century. The Städel Museum’s rich collection of drawings from that period was featured in a selection of some one hundred outstanding works by fifty-two artists. The selection mirrored the entire breadth and diversity of the Prints and Drawings Department’s holdings from that multifaceted epoch, which encompassed such widely differing styles as Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Naturalism and Realism and even the beginnings of Modernism. The spectrum ranged from such artists as Wilhelm von Kobell, Josef Anton Koch, Carl Philipp Fohr, Carl Blechen, Carl Rottmann, Carl Morgenstern, Moritz von Schwind, Hans von Marées, Wilhelm Leibl, Adolf von Menzel, Max Liebermann and Wilhelm Busch to those already quite modernist in their approaches, for example Max Klinger, Ferdinand Hodler, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Lovis Corinth and Käthe Kollwitz. At the same time, the show spanned the various forms of graphic production from the sketchbook page, the preliminary study for a painting and the large-scale fresco cartoon to the highly developed and coloured drawing conceived as an artwork in its own right.

CURATOR: Dr. Marianne von Manstein, Städel Museum
SPONSORED BY: Stiftung Gabriele Busch-Hauck, Frankfurt am Main