Work until it’s all sorted out – Pictures, 1984/85

29 September 2006 to 9 April 2007

Thanks to the generous donation by the Frankfurt Trade Fair in 2006, the Städel Museum possesses a work by Martin Kippenberger (1953–1997), one of the most versatile and eagerly experimental artists of the late 20th century. The Städel honoured this donation with an exhibition of six pictures by Kippenberger in the museum’s Kuppelsaal. In the years 1984/85 “Two Proletarian Women Inventors on their Way to the Inventors’ Congress” was painted as part of a group of ironical and provocative pictures that derived their themes from the pictorial world of communism. The paintings represented a German artist looking back, from a 1980s perspective, at the period when Russia underwent a new awakening. The ideology of work, the self-liberation of the proletariat, and collective living were catch-phrases that Kippenberger pointedly picked up on in a close-knit, pseudo-futuristic and also pseudo-constructivist verbal and visual language.

CURATOR: Dr. Eva Mongi-Vollmer, Städel Museum