from the Städel Museum Collection Department of Prints and Drawings

2 October 2008 to 4 January 2009

The fascination of watercolour is unique. Like no other technique, it is able to express the luminosity, purity, and transparency of colours. Its painterly qualities are marked by lightness, freshness, and spontaneity. The exhibition “Watercolours from the Städel Museum Collection Department of Prints and Drawings” encouraged spectators to explore the great diversity of this ambitious technique by means of outstanding examples from the collection’s own holdings, up to the recent present. Vedute, landscapes viewed from close up or at a distance, such atmospheric impressions as cloud studies, still lifes, as well as seemingly surreal pictorial inventions by Jean-Jacques de Boissieu, Carl Philipp Fohr, Carl Rottmann, Carl Morgenstern, Rudolf von Alt, Louis Eysen, Paul Cézanne, Lovis Corinth, Emil Nolde, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Georg Baselitz, Claes Oldenburg, and many other prominent artists attest to a virtuoso handling of the brush in combination with water-soluble, glazing paint.

CURATOR: Dr. Jutta Schütt, Städel Museum