Wilhelm Lehmbruck

A Bust Returns to the Städel Museum

26 April to 19 August 2007

The occasion of this exhibition was a generous loan from the Kirchner Museum in Davos: the Bust Head of the Kneeling Woman of 1914 temporarily returned to the Städel Museum, having been removed from the museum in 1937, when Lehmbruck was still alive, as part of the National Socialist confiscation campaign. The exhibition built around this work, together with other works from the Städel and several other loans, directed the viewers’ attention to an aspect of Lehmbruck’s oeuvre that has thus far received little attention: the subtle and highly differentiated work with partial casts in various materials. The comparison of the full figures and partially casts in the work of the great German sculptor of the early twentieth century made us aware of the influence that artistic decision – a certain detail, a special material – can have on the perception of art.

CURATOR: Dr. Eva Mongi-Vollmer, Städel Museum