William Kentridge

What Will Come (has already come)

2 June to 5 August 2007

The original goal of the Stiftung des Städelschen Kunstinstituts, the combination of collecting and teaching, was revived in 2005 with the Max-Beckmann-Stiftung professorship.

The South African artist William Kentridge, who is famous worldwide for his animated films, was appointed the first Beckmann-Stiftung professor. An interest in optical phenomena and playing with illusion runs like a thread through his oeuvre. For the exhibition in the Städel Museum, which ended his association with the Städelschule, Kentridge selected old masterworks from the Department of Prints and Drawings that addressed similar questions, like Dürer’s proportion studies or Baroque designs for ceiling frescoes. In a new work Kentridge once again put our perceptions to the test.

CURATOR: Dr. Sabine Schulze, Städel Museum
FURTHER VENUE: Kunsthalle Bremen, 8/12–9/23/2007