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Städelfreunde 1815

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In the best of company, part of a great tradition

The Städel Museum is Germany’s oldest civic foundation and a citizens’ museum par excellence. Because in his last will, set down in 1815, Johann Friedrich Städel founded the Städelsches Kunstinstitut with his impressive art collection.

Dialogue with like-minded members of society and their perspectives on ‘his’ art were matters close to Städel’s heart. So he regularly brought enthusiastic art lovers together in his home, ultimately forming an illustrious circle of interesting personages—among them Goethe.

You wouldn’t believe how inspiring it is, and how happy it makes you, to be a part of this great tradition of patrons.

A member of the Städelfreunde 1815

Founded in 2019, the exclusive circle of the Städelfreunde 1815 picks up on that tradition. Entirely in keeping with Johann Friedrich Städel’s vision, its purpose is to facilitate inspiring dialogue on ideas, goals, projects and, most especially, prominent exhibitions with international reach.

Experience private exhibition previews in a small, select circle, converse with our director and curators about ideas and concepts for future exhibitions, explore our conservation workshop and storage facilities with us and, on our study trips, explore the art worlds of other countries.

With its highly acclaimed special exhibitions, the Städel Museum enjoys a level of international standing few other museums in Germany share. With your support, we aim to continue this work—for a museum of the people for the people.

A selection of the exhibitions made possible by your dedication.


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